Procurement of Services and Systems

We are on your side and assist you in creating a clear comparison of different supplier's offers. We will assist you in setting the right requirements and will provide a comparative picture of the various supplier's suggestions.

We can act as independent support for IT managers and management before and during the ordering of IT systems. This applies to areas such as aggreements, requirement specifications and implementation with regard to both costs and revenues.

We will clarify what will be deliveres, when it will be delivered and at what price. Salmi Consulting has a proven model for implementing IT system procurement that leads to a legally sustainable agreement where your interests as a customer are met.

You will get a tough project manager/client who is as knowledgable as the supplier, who is on your side and focuses on your interests. You will get a consultant who knows the needs from both the user and the management's perspectives and makes it easier to get a cost effective and functional system that ensures the effectiveness of your invested money.