Coaching - Support for projects and activities

Are you unsure about what needs to be done?

Are you overworked, out in deep water, or have no wind left in the sail?

In addition to project and change, we can also serve as support in conflict management, decision making, and leadership. Salmi Consulting offers action-oriented and performance-focused coaching based on the 11 core competencies from International Coaching Federation and governed by their ethical guidelines. Coaching is a poweful tool based on the abilities and knowledge of each individual. It focuses on where the client is today and what they are prepared to do to get where they want to be tomorrow.

Mentorship is a close cousin to coaching. It is based more on the mentor's experience, knowledge, and competencies. Knowledge transfer through a hired mentor works well when you need to increase your skills in an area but do not want to carry the cost of a permanently employed expert. A mentor provides the needed support in the form of advice, tips, and methodology or simply by being a sounding board. You or your employees can take on bigger tasks than usual yet still expect success with a mentor from Salmi Consulting.